Attracted Resources Optimization for Bank Activities

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Chapter I. Generalities on attracted resources
1.1. Notion of attracted resources 
1.2. Types of attracted resources 
Chapter II. Attracted resources optimization for bank activities
2.1. Costs of deposit and non-deposit attracted resources 
2.2. Attracted resources impact on banking activities through example of the Moldavian Commercial Bank “INVESTPRIVATBANK”
2.3. Optimization of attracted resources at Commercial Banks

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The term ‘‘banking’’ can be applied to a large range of financial institutions, from savings and loans organizations to the large money-centre commercial banks, or from the smallest mutually owned building societies to the biggest shareholders’ owned banks. Many European countries have large regional/cooperative banks in addition to three to five universal banks
The objective of this chapter is to provide an overview of banking and the role played by banks in an increasingly complex financial world. It begins with a review of the meaning of banking, identifying the features of banks that distinguish them from other financial institutions.
In the 21st century, banks remain a central component of well-developed financial markets, though; some banks have expanded their activities beyond the traditional core functions. The banking sector normally consists of specialized banks operating in niche markets, and generalist banks offering a wide range of banking and other financial products, such as deposit accounts, loan products, real estate services, stock broking and life insurance. For example, “private bankers” accept deposits from high net worth individuals and invest in a broad range of financial assets. Modern investment banks have a relatively small deposit base but deal in the equity, bond and syndicated loan markets.
Universal banks, even the restricted form, offer virtually every financial service, from core banking to insurance. 
Banks carry out operations on attraction of resources on current accounts (poste restante), urgent and savings contributions. With a view of acceleration of attraction of means in the large sizes they conduct sale of savings and depositary certificates. Besides a source of resources can be the credits borrowed another banks, and also means under the account and the inventory of bills (only for commercial banks). Such kind of depositary operations is typical basically for commercial, savings, savings and loan associations, and also for those investment banks which specialize on long-term crediting of target projects. 
Performance of bank operations with wide clientele - the important feature of modern bank activity worldwide, having the developed credit system. Reform of credit system 1987 - 1990th years has caused new commercial banks by a life and has brought elements of a competition in bank sphere. 
Thus it is important to mean, that development of bank activity assumes granting bank services with the minimal costs for clients and the bank, use of the comprehensible prices for the services necessary for clients. The effective flexible system of bank operations with wide clientele can and should promote mobilization of internal savings. Special value gets in this connection the flexible bank service, capable to react to formed needs of a changing economy. The competition in the market of bank services also influences quantitative and qualitative characteristics of bank service. On a number with performance of traditional bank services to the population - attraction of means in deposits, granting of loans and realization of settlement-cash service of the population - modern bank institutes in our country start to carry out also electronic services, marketing researches under the order of clients, currency transactions, other services, including trusts, directory consulting, share and others. 
Feature of a situation thus consists that the creditor having a certain part of resources, wishes at corresponding guarantees, for concrete term, under percent to give its other counterpart-borrower. Interests of the creditor, however, should coincide with interests of the borrower which completely not necessarily can be in the given region. Certainly, in a modern monetary facilities such concurrence of interests is casual. As a consolidating part the bank-intermediary providing an opportunity of realization of the transaction in view of a supply and demand here acts. Unlike the individual creditor resources in a pocket of bank lose the initial face. Having collected numerous means, the bank can satisfy needs of the diversified borrowers, give a choice of the credit for all tastes - term, maintenance, loan percent. The bank acts in this case in a role of the successful procuress arranging acquaintance of two subjects - the creditor and the borrower.

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