Proiect Burse, Marfuri si Valori

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Chapter I Introducing the companies 3
1.1 Blue chip 3
1.2 Speculative shares 5
Chapter II : The Fundamental Analysis 6
2.1 Macroeconomic Environment 6
2.2 Sectorial perspectives 8
2.3 News: 11
Chapter 3 Financial analysis 13
3.1 Financial indicators 13
3.2 The market value indicators 21
4.1 Oil Terminal Constanta 33
4.2 Transilvania Bank 35
4.3 Brd Group Societe 37
4.4 Tourism Baile Felix 39
4.5 Bermas Suceava 41
References 44

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Chapter I Introducing the companies
1.1 Blue chip
Economic sector- financial intermediation
Field of activity- other monetary intermediation
Transilvania Bank is one of the most important financial institutions in Romania and one of the most attractive companies listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. 
A priority is continuously improving its services and employees, so the quality will be what makes the difference. BT is an active player on the market becoming , thanks to the implementation of the strategies to accelerate growth, a nationally recognized bank.
Foreign - 49.23%
Persons with Romanian citizenship - 28.71%
Juridical persons with Romanian capital - 22.60%
SIF - 0
Individual citizens of other countries - 3.36%
Juridical persons with foreign capital - 45.87%
Economic sector- financial intermediation
Field of activity- other monetary intermediation
BRD - Groupe Societe Generale is the second bank in terms of banking assets in Romania. BRD - Groupe Societe Generale ranks first of the financial entities listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange and second of all the listed companies. BRD - Groupe Societe Generale is deeply anchored in the Romanian economy and the global community through more than 930 agencies and more than 1300 ATM. In December 2008, BRD counts 2,6 million active individuals and corporate customers and more than 2,3 million banking cards.
The quality of our services is guarantied by more than 9500 professionals who form the BRD team.The majority stake of BRD is held by one of the most important banking groups in the Euro zone, Societe Generale, whose services are used by 27 millions customers all over the world.
Societe Generale-58.34%
SIF Oltenia - 5,51%
SIF Muntenia- 5,27%
SIF Moldova- 5%
SIF Transilvania- 5.02%
SIF Banat Crisana-4,65%
Berd -5%
Other- 11.02%
Oil Terminal SA Constanta occupies a strategic position in the Black Sea is the largest sea, specializing in circulation of oil, liquid petroleum products and petrochemicals and other products and raw materials for import / export and transit.
Oil Terminal Constanta is one of the largest terminal in Southeastern Europe.
S.c. Oil Terminal Constanta was founded in 1898, bearing the name of Steaua Romana and up in 1990, the company operated under various names.
In 1990, under Law 31/1990, Government Decision No.. 1200/12.11.1990 was founded S.C. Oil Terminal S.A. Constanta form The organization is a joint stock company with majority state. 
1.2 Speculative shares 
Economic sector - tourism
Field of activity - hotel and similar accommodation
Famous both at home and abroad, Felix is located in North-West of Romania 9 km from Oradea and 20 km from the border with Hungary. Felix concentrates all the activities of a true spa resort.

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