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1. Introduction 2
2. Company name and field of activity 3
3. Target Market 4
4. Barriers to entry and exit 5
5. Market Segmentation 5
6. Company Objectives 8
7. Marginal cost for an additional command 10
8. SWOT analysis for online store: 11
9. Categories of fixed assets 12
10. Products: 1
11. Store planogram and description 12
12. PR elements 15
13. Sales digitization and e-mix marketing 15
14. Web 2.0 16
15. Both record sales and merchandise movement
16. Human Resources
17. Expenditure structure and indicators of trade organization performance

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1. Introduction
Jewelry history seems to be very interesting considering the origin and interest over the years.
The word jewelry comes from the french jouel (13 Before Christ) which means jewel, later adopted by the english and initially taken from the latin Joca (game).Jewels are the oldest body-accesories.Recently,there was descovered jewels from over 100.000 years ago in Nassarius, jewels that are considered the oldest on Earth. Initial jewelry were used for clothing, for joining with an exclusive fabric decorative. At first they used natural materials such as animal bones, wood, stone, shell.They were made for important persons who often died carrying them for life. The jewels were worn for several reasons: for personal use, to signify something (to recognise a community member), protection (against wild animals, the devil, cure diseases), decorative. The crucifix was carried by those who believed in Christ just as ornaments were worn by David's believer In Western jewelry (rings) were worn as a symbol of marriage. The jewels were given significant weight in wars;it was considered that they bring good luck and banish evil spirits.
Art jewelry was widely described for the first time in the 19th century by Peter Carl Faberge and Rene Lalique.The analysis continued in modern times was transformed into an art documentariu by Robert Lee Morris and Ed Levin.
Today, the use of jewelry has a different connotation.They are generally used to give a feeling of elegance, sophistication, became a fashion beauty.They are evolving along with the more accurate fashion.
2. Company name and field of activity
SC Briolette SRL founded in 2010 with a capital of 995.872 RON is located in Iasi, Stefan cel Mare, nr.12, phone: 0232/563789, fax: 0232/111222, email: Soon we will do this even online.
This initiative was formed by four partners: Loredana Atasiei, Andreea Fainita, Bogdan Musteata and Raluca Negru.
The first store from Iasi is located on Stefan cel Mare street, nr.12. Also, here we have our warehouse. The second shop is located in the town of Bacau, Nicolae Balcescu street, nr.50. The last store located in Suceava, on Mihai Eminescu Street, nr. 2 (across the street of Plus). Our headquarter is located on Strapungerii Silvestru street, no. 7,Iasi.
SC Briolette S.R.L field of activity is trading of silver and gold jewelry. 
Our appliances company slogan is "Our jewelry, your brilliance." In choosing the slogan, name and logo was taken into account some rules:
- To be simple and easy to remember;
- To properly convey our message of the target group.
The idea that we want to deliver through the slogan is that our jewels are best suited to highlight feminine beauty and brilliance.
We give the name ,,Briolette" to our company because it represents a valuable diamond discovered thousands of years ago and we want to become as precious and appreciate as this one through the quality of our products through.
The logo consists of a briolette image and the name of the company written in purple.
3. Target Market
Given the current economic condition of Romania, our company was launched targeting the international market especially middle-income people.It has adopted a specific period of crisis is to practice a policy of lower price than the competition.
Due to the current economic situation the demand for such products is decreasing, but our company has managed to hold on the market by all the strategies we applied.
Our company is turning to market research to find the best selling range of consumer products.We specially address women aged 25-40 years, average income, because they are more likely to purchase our products but we also created a range of products for men.

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