Designing the Market Strategies for the Milano Bedroom at Silvarom SA

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Marketing is, quite simply, the most important part of any company today.
No questions, no ifs, no buts!
If you have no marketing, you have no customers. With no customers, you have no need for finance, HR, production and administration (although these divisions may claim otherwise).
No matter whether you are a not-for-profit organization, a government body, a sporting or religious body, or a public or private company, marketing is, and has to be, the heart of any organization.
CHAPTER 1: Company Presentation
1.1 General presentation of the company
CHAPTER 2: The Marketing Environment at Silvarom S.A;
2.1 SWOT Analysis
2.1.1 Internal Environment
2.1.2 External Environment Macro Environment Micro Environment a. Business Partners b. Competition
CHAPTER 3: The Market Strategies;
3.1 The role of the market strategy
3.2 The types of market strategies
3.3 Steps in elaborating the market strategy
3.4 The market strategy - the core of the company's marketing policy
3.5 The current market strategy of the company
3.6 Marketing Audit
CHAPTER 4: The Marketing Mix Strategies
4.1 Establishing the scope and the strategic objectives for the "Milano" bedroom
4.2 Researching the market
4.3 Formulating the marketing mix strategies:
4.3.1 Product
4.3.2 Price 
4.3.3 Promotion 
4.3.4 Place
4.4 Implementing the selected strategies in the company's marketing policy.

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1.1 General Presentation of the company
SILVAROM SA is one of the top wood manufacturing companies in our country. It has its headquarters in Bucharest, on Rocilor Street nr.12-16, sector 6. The company's juridical form is a Joint Stock Company with private capital, and has been set up here, in Romania. 
The company was privatized in 1992 and ever since it has been going through a constant process of reorganization and modernization of both equipment and personnel. Before 1992 the company had about 2000 employees, compared to the present when there are about 750 people working in that factory. The labor process has been simplified and improved due to the modernization of the company's production equipment. The factory has a supply warehouse, 2 production sections, a packing section, the TESA building and a showroom recently built at the entrance of the factory.
The company produces wooden furniture for home, office, interior designs, hotels and commercial spaces.
The home furnishing line has a long tradition inside this company, and during the many years of activity it has been distributed both in Romania and abroad, in countries like Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Sweden and others. Silvarom produces bedrooms, youth bedrooms, living-room parts and libraries in beech and spruce and other types of wood. The finishes are made either classical using nitro lacquer, as well as modern and ecologic using non-colored or colored wax.
The furniture can have a mountable or un-mountable construction, depending on the customers' preferences, which will be packed and protected after the production according to international standards. 
Most of the models are conceived by the company, using a computer in the technological design process.
The company is well coordinated working very good with both extern and intern markets, each one being lead by 2 different experienced offices. The long tradition working with the external markets enables the company to rely more on the business made with other countries, but for the intern market products like office furniture, bank, hotel and also school furniture are marketed very well. Due to a decline in the external market, the company is trying to re-think it`s strategy and enter the Romanian market with more products, in order to balance the loss from the export.
The distribution of the furniture is done throughout the country by a wide-spread network of distributors that cover most the territory. The company takes great pride in the quality of their products and a relatively low pricing, accessible to the middle class families in Romania. The also got the ISO 9001 which is a certificate that testifies to the quality of their products.
The company's objective is to fully satisfy the furnishing demands of it`s customers.
CHAPTER 2: The Marketing Environment at Silvarom S.A.
2.1 SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis is a powerful technique for understanding a company's Strengths and Weaknesses, and for looking at the Opportunities and Threats it faces. Some people consider it should be called a TOWS analysis (threats, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths) because the ordering should be from the outside in, rather than the inside out. SWOT may place an undue emphasis on internal factors and limit the identification of threats and opportunities to only those that fit the company's strengths.
What makes SWOT particularly powerful is that, with a little thought, it can help a company uncover opportunities that you are well placed to take advantage of. And by understanding the weaknesses of a business, that company can manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch it unaware.

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