Negotiating în The Real World - Negotiation Between a Football Club and an Agent

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In the following paper we shall be analyzing the negotiation process between a football club and a player. The parties are Inter Milano represented by Rafael Benitez and Lacina Traore represented by Johnny Cage. 
I. Presentation of the parties
Inter Milano is one of the most famous football clubs worldwide. Founded in 1908, the club has won 29 national trophies including eighteen Italian league titles, six Italian Cups and five Italian Super Cups. At the international level, they have won three European Cup/Champions League; first of all two back-to-back European Cups in 1964 and 1965 and then, after 45 years, in 2010, completing an unprecedented (for an Italian team) treble after winning in the same season the Coppa Italia and the Scudetto. The club won also three UEFA Cups in 1991, 1994 and 1998, and two Intercontinental Cups in 1964 and 1965. 
Outside Italy, the club is often called Inter Milan. Inter are the champions of Italy, their win in 2009–10 being a fifth successive title, equaling the all-time record. Inter are also the reigning European champions.
Inter play in the largest stadium in Italy, the Giuseppe Meazza stadium (also known as San Siro) and train at the Angelo Moratti Sports Center (also known as La Pinetina), a training facility 30 kilometers away in Appiano Gentile, near Como.
Lacina Traore is an Ivorian football striker who until recently played for Romanian champions , CFR Cluj. Traore began his career Traoré began his career with football school ASEC Mimosas in the Ivory Coast, before joining Ivorian powerhouse Stade d'Abidjan in 2006. Good performances in the Ivory Coast brought in the attention of many clubs in Europe, CFR Cluj managing to get his signature. In the Romanian League, Lacina Traore managed to score 19 goals in 30 matches until his contract expired last month. 
In Romania , he was regarded as one of the most talented young players and he played very well , contributing decisively for his team in many matches.
II. What led to the Negotiation
It is plain to realize from the outside what the reason of the negotiation consists of. Inter Milano is one of the top clubs in Italy and in Europe, it is a club that has as objective to win everything, a club in which were invested a lot of money and everyone expects a lot, both the owner and the fans. Unfortunately, the start of the season was bad for Inter, in 6 matches they only won 2 matches, having drawn three, and losing one. Things had to change on the pitch and after the board made an appraisal, they realized that Inter wasn’t simply scoring enough goals. They discussed the problem with Coach Rafael Benitez and they reached the conclusion that their squad was ageing and they needed fresh blood. Benitez immediately thought of a young player which has impressed him in the Champions League, more exactly he thought about Lacina Traore , a talented 20 years old African player. Lacina is very young and Benitez knew that if the player would reach his full potential, his market value could jump at over 20 million Euros and also Inter could penetrate the Ivory Coast’s market. In this respect, Inter could sell more T-shirts on the African continent.
Overall, Lacina could prove to be a very good transaction and Benitez was willing to bet on this. Also, Traore’s contract with CFR Cluj has just expired and that meant that Inter only had to reach an agreement with the player. Hence, Inter would not have to negotiate with CFR anymore.
On the other side, Lacina Traore was now without a team. He scarcely finished his agreement with CFR Cluj and Inter Milano was now interested in his services. Despite the fact that Traore had a terrific season, CFR chose not to extend his contract. The footing of not extending his contract was the fact that a conflict has emerged between CFR’s coach, Sorin Cartu and the African Player, so that Lacina Traore was not anymore considered a priority for CFR’s strategic goals. Traore’s way of conduct was not considered an appropriate behavior anymore by his teammates and the club realized this could have jeopardized CFR’s team spirit. Thus, from CFR’s point of view, the rupture was irreparable. In this respect, Traore needed a new engagement in order to show his real talent and performance on the field. Furthermore, Lacina Traore was short on money due to the last unfortunate events, but the sun shone again for the young Ivorian. His agent, Mr. Cage phoned and told him about Inter’s plans. This news excited him so much that he burst out with joy. This was a unique opportunity to join one of the best European clubs and one of the most desirable squads for football players worldwide. Also, Traore knew that playing for Inter would also bring him a very good salary. Inter also meant a chance for him to be selected for the national squad of his native country.

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