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Direct Inflation Targeting: A New Monetary Policy Strategy for România

DIRECT INFLATION TARGETING A New Monetary Policy Strategy For Romania Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. It is measured as an annual percentage increase. When inflation goes up, there is a decline in the purchasing power of money. There are several variations on inflation: Deflation is when the general level of prices is falling. This is the opposite of inflation. Hyperinflation is unusually rapid inflation. In extreme cases, this can lead to the breakdown of a nation's monetary system. Stagflation is the combination o... vezi detalii


Literatură engleză - Joseph Conrad - Heart of darkness

ALMOST A VOYAGE THROUGH HISTORY, FICTION AND TRUTH PERCEPTIONS IN JOSEPH CONRAD’S HEART OF DARKNESS I. SENTENCE OUTLINE: 1. Introduction: Joseph Conrad’s writing treats issues like imperialism and its effects. In this paper I have tried to emphasis some of my points of view watching the main themes approached by the author, the main’s character transformations during one long voyage and the historical background which triggered a new symbolic novella where nothing is what it seems at first sight. Another important issue is the symbol used for show the preference for the supernatural... vezi detalii



Vietnam, a nation located along the eastern coast of mainland Southeast Asia, has had a turbulent history. Emerging as a distinct civilization during the first millennium BC, Vietnam was conquered by China during the early Han dynasty and subjected to 1,000 years of foreign rule. In AD 939 the Vietnamese restored their independence and gradually expanded southward along the coast from their historic homeland in the YUAN (Red) River valley. In the 19th century Vietnam was conquered once again and absorbed, along with neighboring Cambodia (now Kampuchea) and Laos, into French INDOCH... vezi detalii


Soil and Waste Treatment Technologies

SOLIDIFICATION AND STABILIZATION (INCLUDING AMALGAMATION) Among the projects identified, solidification/stabilization (S/S) is the most frequently used technology to treat soil and waste contaminated with mercury. The data show that this technology has been used to meet regulatory cleanup levels, is commercially available to treat both soil and waste, and generates a residual that typically does not require further treatment before disposal. However, the data sources used for this report did not contain any information about the long-term stability of mercury-containing soil and waste trea... vezi detalii


Intercultural Communication Challenges

Introduction The world today is characterized by an ever growing number of contacts resulting in communication between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This intercultural communication takes place because of contacts within the areas of business, military cooperation, science, education, massmedia, entertainment, tourism but also because of immigration brought about by labor shortage or political conflicts. In all these contacts, there is communication which needs to be as constructive as possible, without misunderstandings and breakdowns. The goal of this projec... vezi detalii



INTRODUCTION Burgenland is one of Austria’s most tempting destinations. Wide open spaces, idyllic rolling vineyard hills, Lake Neusiedl – a paradise for water sport and a unique nature preserve, imposing fortress and castles are impressions of Austria’s most easterly provice. 300 days of sunshine per year yield high-quality agricultural products, in particular wine of international fame. Hidden deep under the earth’s surface is Austria’s most abundant source of mineral water as well as geothermal hot spring that feed places of relaxation and convalescence with therapeutic water. One third ... vezi detalii


The Death Penalty When Life Generates Death - Legally

The Death Penalty Chapter 1 History of Death Penalty Early Death Penalty Laws The first established death penalty laws date as far as the eighteen century B.C in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon. Nineteenth Century –Changes in the Death Penalty laws After the civil war new developments in the means of execution emerged. New York built the first electric chair in 1888 , and in the 1980 executed William Kemmler. Soon , other states adopted this method of execution. Constitutionality of the Death Penalty in America The 1960s brought challenges to the fundamental legality of the ... vezi detalii


Modelling and traffic analysis of a lan network în opnet

1. Introduction Communicɑtion is ɑ necessity in ɑll settings be it sociɑl or professionɑl. For tɑsks to be ɑccomplished, people need to work together to solve problems ɑnd creɑte resources for the institution. For eɑsy shɑring ɑnd ɑccess of informɑtion ɑmong users, the computers involved must be interconnected. This interconnection of computers to form ɑ network with the objective of informɑtion communicɑtion ɑnd optimizɑtion of resource shɑring is referred to ɑs Locɑl Areɑ Network (LAN)(Arshɑd, M., 2010, p. 56). Active ɑnd pɑssive networking devices such ɑs switches ɑnd hubs ɑre deployed... vezi detalii


Leading the New Economy - E-Commerce

1. Introduction In the context of the emerging new economy, e-commerce has become very often a crucial element of business strategy and the basis for economic development. Relationships within organizations and those between and among organizations and individuals have been changed for the better due to the integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in business. More precisely, the use of ICT in business has enhanced productivity, encouraged greater customer participation, and enabled mass customization, besides reducing costs. E-commerce was seen as a fad or a gimmick... vezi detalii


Customs and Traditions în the UK

1. INTRODUCTION I have chosen this subject for my graduation paper because, in my opinion, the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) has got some of the most interesting customs and traditions in the world which have been around for hundreds of years. British culture and customs are famous all over the world. Knowing and observing them is important for everyone who plans to visit this amazing country. When people think of Britain, they often think of people drinking tea, eating fish and chips and wearing bowler hats, but there is more to Britain than just those th... vezi detalii

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Prezentare Nivea

Presentation Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to present the Nivea Sun product.Let me introduce myself-my name is Barbu Alexandra and I’m the sales director of Nivea.My objective today is to present you the new Nivea Sun Children’ Spray and learn you how to protect your skin against the ultraviolet rays.I have divided my presentation into three parts.First I’ll tell you a little about the history of our company, then I’ll show you some folder(leaflet) with every brand and product owned by Nivea and finally I’ll speak about the important aspects of Nivea Sun Children’ Spray an... vezi detalii


Sibiu - Capital of Culture

Even if you come to Sibiu/Hermanstadt for the tenth or for the first time, the medieval burgh seems to always have a surprise for you: something that the last time, being in a hurry or with your glances “caught” by other beauties, you didn’t observe. The old buildings and the narrow streets are discovered again and again, like the American continent by Christophor Columbus and Americo Vespuci. Discovering Sibiu is easy and difficult at the same time, because beyond its well-known attractions, representative for an European Capital of Culture ( churches, walls, museums, theatres, philharmoni... vezi detalii


Business Plan for a Startup Business

1. SUMMARY Because we saw an opportunity to be the first recovery center in Romania, we started a business that we hope it will be very profitable in the future. Our center has 4 investors. All the investors have come with a contribution to the business, first with the money that we needed to start the business and also with the experience. Each of the investors have different skills in different domains, like, Efrosie Raluka has experience in the Financial Department, Dumitru Oana in the Marketing Department, Dinu Dana have experience in the Human Resources Department and Geanta Cristia... vezi detalii


The Capital Market

Introduction In this project I would like to present and to make you understand what The Capital Market is, what are it’s basic elements and how the processes from this market works, it’s importance to the economy, it’s good sides and it’s bad sides, meaning it’s risks and risk modelling. Investing in bonds and stocks seems to be a quite profitable business, but to survive on the capital market you have to understand all the processes that are happening, the risks that are involved and how to deal with them. “[Economists] can take facts and figures and bring them together, but their pred... vezi detalii


Domestic Violence

1.Introduction 1.1. I have recently read a very interesting book about a numerous family. The fact that I hate is the aggression towards their children. I was shocked to realize that nowadays one of the most important problem all over the world is domestic violence. Home violence is extremely dangerous especially for children. They live with scary noises, yelling and hitting. They are afraid for their parents and themselves. Children feel terrible that they cannot stop the abuse. If they try to stop the fight, they can be hurt. They can also be hurt by things that are thrown or weapons tha... vezi detalii

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