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Wind Energy

Wind Energy General Info An alternative source of energy The mechanics of a wind turbine Wind turbine parts Pros of wind power Downfalls To wind energy An Alternative Source of Energy History of wind power Wind as electricity Development of wind technology Where does the wind come from? Wind power History of Wind Power - Wind power evolved from the use of simple, light devices driven by aerodynamic forces to heavier drag devices and finally to light, more efficient lifts. - The sailboat is the earliest known use of wind power. - The first windmills were made to automate the ... vezi detalii


Six Sigma for Quality and Productivity

What is Sigma ? - A term used in statistics to represent standard deviation, an indicator of the degree of variation in a set of a process - A statistical concept that measures a process in terms of defects - at the six sigma level, there 3.4 defects per million opportunities - A philosophy and a goal : as perfect as practically possible - A methodology and a symbol of quality Sigma Level (Process Capability) Defects per Million Opportunities 2 308,537 3 66,807 4 6,210 5 233 6 3.4 (Warren Brussee - "Statistics for Six Sigma") - Every hour the postal service would los... vezi detalii


The Article in English and Romanian Languages

INTRODUCTION As a rule, for a word for being considered as a noun ( and not a simple article from the dictionary ), it has to be accompanied in a sentence by a noun determinant. The article is the most recent noun determinant and in modern English it can be represented by explicit forms, expressed by (definite article and the indefinite one ) or by stable forms and procltic ones . The article is one of the most difficult chapters of the English grammar -due to the many functions that it can achieve, due to the usage diversity determined by the language styles , and the same time because ... vezi detalii


Financial Statement Analysis

Business Survival: There are two key factors for business survival: Profitability Solvency Profitability is important if the business is to generate revenue (income) in excess of the expenses incurred in operating that business. The solvency of a business is important because it looks at the ability of the business in meeting its financial obligations. Financial Statement Analysis Financial Statement Analysis will help business owners and other interested people to analyse the data in financial statements to provide them with better information about such key factors for decision m... vezi detalii


Practical Activity - Management Analysis

Chapter I Short Presentation of Pallas Conta SRL Pallas Conta SRL was registered at the Registry of Trade in Bucharest on April 6 2006. It was founded by two associates, Calistru Aurora-Marcela and Bizau Cristian, holding 98% and 2% of the 500 RON joint stock, respectively. The Constitutive Act mentions that the company's headquarters is in Bucharest, 15 Anastasie Panu Street, and, currently, Pallas Conta SRL activities are developed at its branch in 16A Popa Rusu Street. Its main activity field is Accounting and Financial Audit Activities; Consultancy in the Fiscal Field, which is r... vezi detalii


Global Food Crisis

ABSTRACT At the World Food Summit of 1996, when an estimated 830 million people went hungry, governments pledged to reduce that number by half by 2015. Many now predict that, by contrast, this number will increase by 50% to 1,200 million, with major problems arising from the unpredictable climate chaos and the additional pressures arising from the production of bio-fuels. Before the collapse of stocks and fisheries and livestock prices shot of food and fuel, requires new policies, practices and structures to resolve the current food crisis and to prevent future and greater tragedies. Gover... vezi detalii


Peculiarities of The Indefinite Article in The English Language

Introduction The subject matter of the ensuing paper is, as presented in the title itself, The Peculiarities of the Indefinite Article in the English Language. The necessity of such an important undertaking is due to the difficulties which the English indefinite article (a/an) and zero article , which are closely connected in use, puts on display to native and non-native speakers of English. It is thus our task to shed light and bring up-to-date as well as relevant contextual examples of how the articles function and when they are to be either used or omitted. The object of this paper is ... vezi detalii



1.Introduction England is a country to the northwest of Continental Europe and is the largest and most populous constituent country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its inhabitants account for more than 85% of the total population of the United Kingdom, whilst the mainland territory of England occupies most of the southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain and shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. Elsewhere, it is bordered by the North Sea, Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and English Channel. England became a unified state dur... vezi detalii


Managementul Riscului. Studiu de Caz - Concert Madonna la Bucuresti

1 Summary The world of events has evolved to being a very profitable industry that now exists in its own right, independent from tourism, hospitality or leisure sectors. The event manager is confronted with the pressure of creating a successful event and not making any mistakes, as there is only one chance to get it right. In this context, it was considered that the project management process plays a very important role in delivering the expected results on time and at a high quality. The project explored this perspective by focusing on risk management and applying the concepts to a conte... vezi detalii


Proiect Burse, Marfuri si Valori

Chapter I Introducing the companies 1.1 Blue chip BANCA TRANSILVANIA Economic sector- financial intermediation Field of activity- other monetary intermediation Transilvania Bank is one of the most important financial institutions in Romania and one of the most attractive companies listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. A priority is continuously improving its services and employees, so the quality will be what makes the difference. BT is an active player on the market becoming , thanks to the implementation of the strategies to accelerate growth, a nationally recognized bank. Shar... vezi detalii

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Electroforeza Desi cunoscut inca de la sfartitul secolului XIX, electroforeza se afirma ca o metoda analitica de separare in urma lucrarilor referitoare la stadiul unor proteine (1937) elaborate de Arne Tiselius, laureat al premiului Nobel, numit si "parintele electroforezei In prezent electroforeza reprezinta principala metoda de separare a moleculelor in cadrul laboratoarelor de biologie celulara. Termenul de electroforeza descrie migrarea unei particule incarcate sub influenta unui camp electric. Deoarece in camp electric moleculele se deplaseaza cu o viteza ce depinde de sarcin... vezi detalii


Colour Therapy

Foreword The methods of healing so popular during the ancient times have come to our attention nowadays because of the increasing number of people who feel they have been let down by the contemporary medicine. That is way these people are trying to re-establish the contact with Mother Nature that had been lost as they understood the importance of preserving the earth's supplies. Progressively they relearned to reintegrate nature into their lives as in it they found everything they need it in order to have a happy healthy life. They gave up using chemicals and pills and took up instead usin... vezi detalii


Brio Lette - Jewelry Store

1. Introduction Jewelry history seems to be very interesting considering the origin and interest over the years. The word jewelry comes from the french jouel (13 Before Christ) which means jewel, later adopted by the english and initially taken from the latin Joca (game).Jewels are the oldest body-accesories.Recently,there was descovered jewels from over 100.000 years ago in Nassarius, jewels that are considered the oldest on Earth. Initial jewelry were used for clothing, for joining with an exclusive fabric decorative. At first they used natural materials such as animal bones, wood, ston... vezi detalii


Fise Termeni Literari

Author and Authorship Authors are individuals who, by their intellectual and immaginative powers, purposefully create from the materials of their experience and reading a literary work which is distinctively their own, The work itself, as distinct from the individual written or printed texts that satiate the work, remains solely a product accredited to the author as its originator, even if he or she turns over the rights to publish and profit from the printed texts of the work to someone else. And so far as the literary work turns out to be great and original, the author who has composed... vezi detalii


Analiza Bugetului Maltei

Capitolul 1. ANALIZA CHELTUIELILOR BUGETARE Sector General government expediture unit Millions of euro 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 total Total 1730,30 1851,40 1937,30 2112,40 2054,10 2134,10 2215,50 : gf01 General public services 279,80 270,70 284,50 276,30 350,20 322,60 341,30 : gf02 Defence 30,50 33,00 33,10 38,50 44,80 44,90 39,40 : gf03 Public order and safety 66,90 74,50 74,90 77,40 75,30 76,20 75,90 : gf04 Economic affairs 268,80 296,90 303,20 447,90 306,70 306,00 286,50 : gf05 Environment protection 32,80 38,20 33,10 39,30 42,90 70,10 84,50 : gf06 Housing and... vezi detalii

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