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ENGLAND: The Tower of London.4
Windsor Castle.6
Chillingham Castle.7
SCOTLAND: Edinburgh Castle.9
Finavon Castle.10
Inverary Castle.11
WALES: Caerphilly Castle.12 
Conwy Castle.13
Ruthin Castle.14

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Each time a person hears something about haunted places or ghosts, he becomes suddenly very interested. Most of us are quite suspicious and curious about everything that is unusual or strange, and we dont believe it until we see with our own eyes. 
Of course there had to be someone to take advantage of this weakness we have, and that someone are the travel agencies. In attracting their tourists, travel agencies emphasize even more the stories that are heard about those places and they practically forget to mention the cultural and historical importance. 
Doors that crunch without being touched, footsteps heard at midnight, the smell of a ladys perfume, although no one lives there, are only some examples of stories which have become famous along time, especially because of or for the tourists. 
If all these are true or they are just scams, well probably never find out, also because of the advanced technology nowadays, which makes almost everything possible. 
Until the mystery is solved, well enjoy the amazing stories of events that took place many years ago, but which seem to have consequences in the present. 
Set your mind free and discover the hidden part of the history from the amazing castles of Great Britain. Perhaps there is something in the nature of borderlands like England, Scotland, Wales, which makes them particularly prone to the supernatural. 
Location: London, England 
With a long history of execution, murder and torture, is there any wonder the "Tower of London" ranks as one of the most haunted Castles in Britain? Its history begins in the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius. He chose the site to build a fort on. Over 1000 years later, William the Conqueror chose the same site on which to build the Tower of London. It is the oldest fortress, palace and prison of its type anywhere in Europe, with a 400 years history of executions: these ranged from hanging, beheading, to being hung or drawn and quartered, it was the perfect recipe for a haunted history. 
To give you an idea of how many souls could be haunting the Tower of London here is a short list of just some of the people (also called enemies of the Crown) who were executed there: Dignitaries beheaded: Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey. Those who lost their lives in public execution included: 2 Archbishops, 6 Dukes, 10 Earls, 1 Marquis, 1 Viscount, 15 Barons, 33 Knights, 1 Bishop, 1 Prior and many others. 
The first documented sighting of a ghost at the tower was that of Thomas A. Becket. It was reported that during the construction of an inner curtain wall, he appeared and showed his anger at the construction by reducing the wall to a pile of rubble by striking it with his cross. 
Probably the most persistent ghost is that of Queen Anne Boleyn. On learning that the baby she was carrying was a boy, and heir to the Kings throne, she sadly went on to miscarry the child and was subsequently beheaded on the grounds of adultery and treason. Queen Anne is buried under the chapel's altar, and her body has been seen to walk the corridors of the Tower. She is only recognizable by the dress she wore at her execution.

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