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There are several reasons which have determined me to write about teaching 

creative writing and its applications in teaching.

First of all, I would like to begin by saying that teaching is what I have wanted to 

do since I was a teenager , although at that time I did not know what I wanted to teach. It 

was only in the 12th grade that I decided to become a foreign language teacher. Then , in 

the 3 rd year of college , I discovered methodology. For me it was fascinating because it

provided me with information I was looking for regarding teaching : how to use and 

when to use certain materials, how to organize the classroom , the roles of teacher , how 

to correct errors etc .

Methodology taught me a lot of useful things , many of which I tried to apply 

during my pedagogical practice. And everything turned out to be even better than I had 

expected : although thrilled at the thought of teaching , I was at the same time terrified ,

since I did nit know what to expect , what the reaction of the students would be etc.

The students in the classroom where I taught were 4th graders and I knew that they could 

not pay attention more than 15 minutes , especially during a writing class so I tried to 

catch their attention using creative writing activities , as I had previously learned in a 

methodology lecture. The result was amazing for me : they were all excited and they all 

participated actively and they provided interesting writings. It was great.

Why creative writing? Because I wanted to find an appropriate way to make their 

activity of writing pleasant and enjoyable and because I consider creative writing useful 

in teaching.

Actually this is the topic on which I focused my research in this paper.

The main issues I am concerned with in the present paper are:

- the types of creative writings and how they can be applied in the classroom;
- student’s perception of teacher who uses creative writings in the classroom;
- student’s performance in tests using creative writings;


The age group I have in mind is that of pupils about 7-10 years old , who have only 

recently started elementary school.

Since children at this age are good at learning orally and are still learning to write 

in their mother tongue , I need to explain and justify why we should teach them to write

in another language at this stage , apart from just giving them a few routine exercises. 

Learning writing shouldn’t be seen as a burden for them. There are many good reasons 

for teaching writing at this age.

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