Peles Castle

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Located in Sinaia (44 km from Brasov), Peles Castle is considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe. It was the final resting place for several Romanian monarchs including King Carol I, who died here in 1914.The building of the castle began in 1873 under the direct order of the Viennese architect Wilhem Doderer and was continued in 1876 by his assistant, Johann Schultz de Lemberg. 
During 1877-1879 because of the war they abandoned work. That's why the castle was inaugurated only on October 7, 1883. 
The location for the castle was chosen by the German prince Carol I de Hohenzollern, who was to become a king and it draws its name from the neighboring brooks which passes through the courtyard.
CONSTRUCTION: Summer residence of the first King of Romania, Carol the Ist of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen (1866 - 1914), the castle was built between 1873 - 1914 after the projects of the Austrian architects Wilhelm Doderer and Johannes Schultz. Inaugurated in 1883, it was enlarged and transformed by the Czech architect Karel Liman, who became in 1893 chief-architect. 
The external architecture and most of the interiors are in German Neo-Renaissance style; some halls in different other neo-styles: Italian, French, Moorish and Turkish. The main characteristic of the castle is the rich decoration in wood.

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