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on a Restaurant Concept
Restaurant concepts are only limited by imagination and budget, so I decided in this way. 
1.Make Sure Your Concept is Different Enough
If there will be a lot of traditional red-sauce Italian restaurants in your area, for example, then maybe I wouldn't open another one, even if I think that my mom's recipe for lasagna is out of this world. I will make sure that my concept will be distinguishable by the average .
2.Don't Be Too Far Ahead of Your Time
If I will be too weird or too different, I'll have to spend too much time educating my clients.
3. Don't Price Yourself Out of the Market
I'll remember that the concept needs to be right and the prices need to be within reach of local patrons.
4. Don't Design A Menu that Will Make Food Costs too much.
A well-thought-out menu means to be efficiently, so it will have chicken breast in one dish, for example, chicken stock in another and gizzard stuffing as a side, so that the entire chicken can be used, saving money on buying just breasts.
5. Make Sure Your Concept Will Be Profitable
I'll make sure that my concept will make money with up to 50% less business and 50% more costs.
6. Good Concepts Are On-Trend
My concept will be inspired from the current trends.
7. Your Concept Has to be Easily Identifiable
"Golden Dragon", the name materialized individuality of the Chinese style.
8. Take Inspiration from Other Sources
It's ok to borrow from other eateries and museums that you've seen in your travels, so I will try to include the best recipes,that I will find in Chinese gastronomy.
9. Make Sure Your Concept Fits the Location
I hope , that I will find the perfect place for my restaurant. A good place in a mall or hypermarket.Another good think is to arrend a cude building in the central part of the city. 
10. Make Sure You Love the Concept
I really love the idea and I'm passionate about the menu, and I know that it will be one of the most famous restaurants in the area.
The next stage will be organizational and administrative aspects such as :
-Business Plan;
-Find financing;
-Licenses and permits.
Design the restaurant 
About the interier of my restaurant, I will create a small chinese world for my clients, such a way they will feel themselves like in a famous Chinese hause.I would design it with a large hall and small dining rooms, each different from the other,with something special. Then I'd paint the walls of the hall in white color and the small rooms in colors of different regions of China,like red and yellow colors. I'd use dark wood furniture appropriate to the theme of the old and oriental hause. For the windows, I will choose long curtains, keeping a golden color in an imperial style. What about the tables, they will have a square shape . The tableclothes will be of a white red or golden colors and cover the entire table till the ground.
Write a Restaurant Menu
My menu will have a classic script font. It will contain Appetizers and Soups for the Take-Out part and Appetizers,Soups , Seafood, Meat, Rice & Noodles for the Main Menu.
Appetizers :
Egg Rolls
Very popular in the west although not eaten in China, egg rolls are a larger, bulkier version of Spring rolls. They are normally filled with barbecued pork or shrimp - vegetables can include cabbage, celery, suey choy, and/or bean sprouts.
Spring Rolls
A lighter, more delicate version of egg rolls, made with a flour and water wrapper (no egg). Like egg rolls, spring rolls are deep-fried.

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