Practical Activity - Management Analysis

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Chapter I Short Presentation of Pallas Conta SRL
Chapter II Analysis of the Organizational and Functional Structure 
Chapter III Analysis of the Decision System and Top Management Leadership
Chapter IV Analysis of the Motivational System
Chapter V Recommendations and Conclusions

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Chapter I Short Presentation of 
Pallas Conta SRL
Pallas Conta SRL was registered at the Registry of Trade in Bucharest on April 6 2006. It was founded by two associates, Calistru Aurora-Marcela and Bizau Cristian, holding 98% and 2% of the 500 RON joint stock, respectively. 
The Constitutive Act mentions that the company's headquarters is in Bucharest, 15 Anastasie Panu Street, and, currently, Pallas Conta SRL activities are developed at its branch in 16A Popa Rusu Street. 
Its main activity field is Accounting and Financial Audit Activities; Consultancy in the Fiscal Field, which is registered under the 692 CAEN Code. 
Both associates, Calistru Aurora-Marcela and Bizau Cristian are managers of Pallas Conta SRL and are responsible of the current management and administration of the company. They are also responsible for the reality of any installment, paid dividends and registers required by law. 
Currently, Pallas Conta SRL is divided in three large departments: the accounting department, the consultancy department and the administrative department. Since it was started, the company developed at a very high rate, reaching a total of 147 clients and 28 employees. Thus, it found itself in the position of relocating twice, once in 2007 and again in the beginning of 2009. 
Pallas' clients are mostly in the accounting department; nevertheless, two years ago, the company started providing consultancy services. More and more clients requested these kinds of services (assistance with the Registry of Trade, Regional Labor Office and any other kind of public institution) and as a consequence, the same associates, Calistru Aurora-Marcela and Bizau Cristian decided to set up a second company: Pallas Consulting SRL. Recently, starting with the fall of 2008, consultancy services have boomed in the European Finance area and the company is proud to have submitted 14 financing projects, worth a total of 1,150,000 RON for its clients. 
Of the three company's departments, accounting is the most problematic one. Though simple and ordinary, the job involves a series of disturbance factors, such as clients bringing documents late, extremely solicited accountants having more clients than they can handle, deadlines having to be met, which led to large amounts of fines from the Financial Administration and other consequences. Despite everything, if one may ask an accountant from Pallas how he feels about his job, he will undoubtedly reply that it is a very rewarding experience, though hard and exhausting. 
On the other hand, consultants don't handle this kind of pressure, being more relaxed in the time concern, but they also have large responsibilities on their shoulders. They actually create new commercial enterprises, help them develop, provide answers to any situation it may occur and smoothly guide them through the business world. More importantly, European Fund consultants, often seen as "business angels", are responsible for granting clients funds for their business projects from the European Union, and once they engage in the matter, they are fully dedicated and involved. 
The administrative department is, according to the general opinion, the one that keeps things going. They have very diversified responsibilities, starting from insuring the minimum supply for the company and ending with the management of severe issues, such as finding solutions to the unsolvable problems. 
Though still small in comparison to the competition, Pallas Conta SRL made an entrance and has slowly gained its place on the market. The most important competitor, holding the largest market share, is KPMG, which is an international enterprise, activating in 145 countries around the world.

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