The Band Queen

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Foreword 1
The Beginning of Queen 2
The Members
Freddie Mercury 3
Brian May 4
Roger Taylor 6
John Deacon 7
History 8
Influnce on modern music, film and theatre 15
Performances 16
Bibliography 17

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Queen has conquered the world with their hits. From their first number one single, Bohemian Rhapsody, to their stadium anthems, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions, their music has reigned across the radio airwaves from Great Britain and Europe to the United States and Australia. 
Queen came to popularity during the mid-1970s and amazed an enormous worldwide fanbase that continues to exist to this day. Queen's live performances were truly ground-breaking, employing massive lighting and other special effects to make their shows into engaging theatrical events. Mercury immersed himself in the crowd's adulation and thrived off their excitement.
Unfortunately, on November 24, 1991,Freddie Mercury passed away, due to the complications from AIDS. Queen as we knew it ended that day, but the three remaining members have continued to keep the legend alive with Made in Heaven and new songs like No One But You.In 2002, the hit We Will Rock You placed the band on the top of the greatest rock bands.
The show must go on.The legend of Queen is not to be forgotten and it will live forever in our minds and souls. 
‘Powerful!’ ‘Heartfelt, Moving and Entertaining...’ ‘Theatricality...Passionate...Intensity...Compelling...
Brilliant!A Fantastic Theater Experience!’ 
And these are only some opinions about Queen and the quality of their music... 
Queen is a British rock band that was formed in 1971 by Freedie Mercury,Brian May,John Deacon and Roger Taylor and came to popularity during the mid-1970s.. Freedie Mercury’s charm, originality and tallent increased enormously the fame of the band and it has amassed an enormous worldwide fanbase that continues to exist to this day. In England they were the second most popular band of all-time 
Although traditionally panned by critics, especially those in the US, Queen's critical stock has improved considerably as they have more recently been recognized as pioneers of arena rock, hard rock, glam rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock. Their music is a special mix between hard rock and a sensitive ballade.
The band's crest was designed by Freddie Mercury and includes the zodiac signs of all four members surrounding a phoenix.
The name of the band was Freedie’s idea and originally Roger and particularly Brian didn’t like it. He thought up the name because it sounded regal, very universal and immediate.It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations. Other names that the band had discussed was the ‘Grand Dance’- derived from a C.S. Lewis Trilogy of books ‘Out Of A Silent Planet’ that Roger and Brian had both read. Roger also quite liked the name ‘The Rich Kids’. 
Farookh Bulsara was born of Persian parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, on Thursday, September 5, 1946 at the Government Hospital on the small spice island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. His father, Bomi, was a civil servant, working as a High Court cashier for the British Government. At just one year old, the local photographer took his picture and displayed it in his shop window - to be awarded first prize in a baby contest. At the age of five he started to attend the Zanzibar Missionary School, which was run by British nuns.

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