Using Animals în Medical Research

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Man Is Permanently Surrounded By Life, Both Vegetal And Animal. Human Living Together With Animal Is Inevitable And At The Same Time Necessary, Both To Man And Animal. There Is A Reciprocally Relationship Between Man And Animal. Animal Testing Is Not A New Thing. For Many Centuries Scientists And Testers In Research Have Used Animals Of All Kinds. Most Of The Animals Are Small Ones Like Rats, Mice And Hamsters, But Also Some Dogs, Cats And Monkeys Have Been Used. The Animal Rights Problem Is An Emotional One. Researchers Claim That They Depend On Animal Test Data To Achieve Medical Advances, But There Should Be Other Means Of Research Because Testing On Animals Is Inhumane, Cruel And Often Unnecessary. 
On One Hand Animals Play An Important And Positive Role In Nature And In Man'S Life, But On The Other Hand Medical Experiments Are Necessary And Essential In Maintaining And Improving The Health Of Human Beings. Some People Agree With The Medical Research, But Some Don'T

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