Financial Statement Analysis

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Business Survival:
There are two key factors for business survival:
Profitability is important if the business is to generate revenue (income) in excess of the expenses incurred in operating that business.
The solvency of a business is important because it looks at the ability of the business in meeting its financial obligations.
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis will help business owners and other interested people to analyse the data in financial statements to provide them with better information about such key factors for decision making and ultimate business survival.
Financial Statement Analysis
To use financial statements to evaluate an organisation's
Financial performance
Financial position.
To have a means of comparative analysis across time in terms of:
Intracompany basis (within the company itself)
Intercompany basis (between companies)
Industry Averages (against that particular industry's averages)
To apply analytical tools and techniques to financial statements to obtain useful information to aid decision making.

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