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H&S removes your dandruff up to 100% because of its unique activzinc formula which protects your scalp and prevents dandruff from appearing !
H&S shampoo is targeting the consumers with mild to medium dandruff problems in Bulgaria
The consumers are women and man 16-45 y.o. with above average income
Clear – the key competitor – only marginally winning
Teo ( local brand) – fastest growing
(super premium AD Shampoo) 
– sold only in the pharma channel
Series 1 – 2010Series 2 – 2009Fig.1
Series 1 – 2010Series 2 – 2009Fig 2
Brand vs. competitors
While H&S – premium tear- has almost 11% value share
Clear- key competitor has a very slight growth in MT and HFS
Nizoral – Super Premium- grew 3% in PH
Teo – local brand- grew 1,5% in MT & HFS – low prices
Our Answer We should NOT expend H&S in PH
H&S is an AD designed for mild to medium dandruff problems / PH – Nizoral – high D. problems.
H&S is not a pharmaceutical shampoo,its use is for more than a few months
We can’t suddenly change the product delivery – H&S France
The Modern Trade is still the profitable way
In the PH channel there aren’t much promotions
We have to get our numbers back in the MT , HFS, focus on the CS 
Promotion ( media, activities, promos) – target are ppl 16-45 y.o
Introduce into the Bulgarian market H&S Intensive Collection – sever dandruff
To get our numbers back
Channel to focus :MT,HFS,CS
Core target : women and man 16-45 y.o.
Promise : it removes dandruff up to 100%
Main competitor: Clear
Price:25 bgn
Intensive Collection
Channel to focus: MT,HFS,CS
Core target : any person who has sever dandruff problems
Promise: it removes any kind of dandruff problems
Main competitor : Nizoral
Price: 35 bgn

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