Wind Energy

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Wind Energy
General Info
An alternative source of energy
The mechanics of a wind turbine
Wind turbine parts
Pros of wind power
Downfalls To wind energy
An Alternative Source of Energy
History of wind power
Wind as electricity
Development of wind technology
Where does the wind come from?
Wind power
History of Wind Power
- Wind power evolved from the use of simple, light devices driven by aerodynamic forces to heavier drag devices and finally to light, more efficient lifts.
- The sailboat is the earliest known use of wind power.
- The first windmills were made to automate the tasks of grain grinding and water pumping in Persia 500 - 900AD.
Wind As Electricity
- The first use of a windmill to generate electricity was in Cleveland, Ohio in 1888 by Charles F. Brush.
- In 1891, Dane Poul la Cour made the first aerodynamically (low solidity, four bladed) designed system.
- By 1920, the la Cour system replaced all previous sail and fan systems.
Development of Wind Technology
- During the 1920's modified propellers were used to drive direct current generators.
- Bulk power wind energy was first made in Russia in 1931 (100kw Balaclava wind generator).
- The largest bulk wind energy producer was the smith-Putnam machine (installed in Vermont, 1941).
- The innovative 200 kW geyser wind turbine was built in 1956-57 by J. Juul for the electricity company SEAS at geyser coast in the southern part of Denmark.
Development of Wind Technology
- The bonus 30kw machine manufactured from 1980 is an example of one of the early models from present day manufacturers.
- The 55 kW generation of wind turbines, which were developed in-1980 - 1981, became the industrial and technological breakthrough for modern wind turbines.
- 600 and 750 kW machines continue to be the "working horses" of the industry at present, but the megawatt-market took off in 1998.

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